In the box, all parts of the LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 31313 Robot Kit are laid out in individual packages. This is so to make it easier for you to put them together. A key component of this kit is a programmable unit. In fact, it is a computer (with memory, processor, inputs and outputs).

lego-31313-5.jpg (98 KB)

So, the kit includes:

- sensors (colored, touch-sensitive, infrared)

- programmable unit

- robot assembly instructions

- various parts (more than 500 pieces) of constructions

- Mindstorms Ev3 Software.

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The kit included are several robots:

  • Spik3r – is a very cool scorpion-like robot with a front grip and a movable tail.
  • Track3r – is an interesting crawler-mounted robot that has various interchangeable tools (for shooting, for cutting or breaking various obstacles). This is one of the simple robots in the group (you can start with it).
  • Gripp3r – is a tracked robot. It has a grip designed for lifting and carrying items.
  • R3ptar – is a snake robot. It can shake, strike with incredible speed on a close target.
  • Ev3rstorm – is the main biped robot. This is the most complex robot out of five (includes all engines and sensors).

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Each of these robots has several missions. These missions are the requirements for the programs you will need to write. For example, the Track3r robot will require you to write a program so that it moves forward a bit and wipes the tire off the mat, and then returns to its original position.

The designer runs on the Linux operating system.

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