Sneakers NIKE Ebernon Low

Nike Ebernon Low - sneakers made in the classic basketball style of the 80s with a stylish design. Most people charmed these sneakers with their versatile silhouette and attractive colors.

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From an aesthetic point of view, Nike Ebernon Low can be mistaken for a finer iteration of Nike AF1. Because of this quality, it will be easy for many long-time Nike enthusiasts or casual people to assimilate running shoes into their lifestyle. The lucky owners of these stylish sneakers use their pair of Ebernon Low for city walks, work days and workouts

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The sneakers top is made of genuine leather with synthetic leather inserts. Nike Ebernon Low has a rubber outsole. The insole is specially designed to provide sufficient cushioning and comfort. Round patterns are used on the sole to provide better traction.

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Some of color options for Nike Ebernon Low men's sneakers are black / black, black / red / white, black / white, white / blue, white / white.

Coloring examples of Nike Ebernon Low women's sneakers are black / red bronze, white / white, white / red bronze and black / white.

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