Shiatsu FlexiSpot foot massager

We all know that massage is the ultimate form of relaxation.

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Unfortunately, most people don’t have access to a massage whenever they want.

But thanks to technology, you can now get a foot massage machine for use in your home that will give you instant access to the relaxation and pain relief that used to come only from a trip to the spa.

Foot massagers are not just designed to help you feel relaxed and unwound – they also are perfect for improving your circulation, reducing muscle tension, and alleviating pain from tired feet and calves.

We rely on our feet and our legs to carry us, but when the muscles are tense and knotted, we end up in real discomfort. There are plenty of massage techniques out there that promise different health benefits, but these devices are built to apply techniques that will make your feet feel comfortable, which then relaxes the rest of your body.

A foot massage can be the perfect remedy for issues like plantar fasciitis and muscle tension, and a ten-minute foot massage can be everything that you need to help your circulation, which is so much more important than you think.

A foot massage can even help with joint pain, aiding your recovery after an injury and help your muscles to feel less tense. It doesn’t take much to feel fantastic, and with the massagers listed below, you can make an informed decision about which foot massager is the best for you.

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The Shiatsu Foot massager  comes up trumps when you’re looking for the best foot massager for larger feet. The deep, 3D kneading rotation will add to your comfort from toe to heel. The rotating nodes in the machine are solely designed with your feet in mind, giving them the massage that they deserve. The Sotion Shiatsu Electric Foot Massager comes with CE certification, as well as accreditation from ROSH and the FDA, so you know you’re getting a quality machine when you choose this one – and don’t your feet deserve the best?


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With several massage and intensity modes, there’s bound to be one or two settings that make sense for you and your comfort, and the automatic shut-off timer after fifteen minutes ensures that you won’t end up leaving it running should you fall asleep during a massage. At 10.8 pounds in weight, you can bet that this is a lightweight, easy to move machine that’s perfect for the home.

  • UL certified -- The only way to ensure that an electric foot massager is independently certified for quality! Our foot massage is UL certified and outperform the competition in comparison testing for endurance, rotation control.
  • Removable washing cushion -- This removable cloth cover is convenient for easy washing, which can keep massager hygienic when sharing the massager with other family members.

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  • Multifunctional massage method -- Shiatsu, kneading, vibration, rolling and heating. All those massage methods can not only improves blood circulation, fight depression, helps in relaxtion, promotes better sleep, also relieves body pains.

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  • Soothing heat: Heat function helps greatly with relieving the pain of fatigued muscles in your legs and feet. Simply turn it on or off with a touch of a button.
  • The pefect gift for your loved ones: Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a “you’re worth it” gift, the FlexiSpot foot massager makes a wonderful gift that your family and friends will truly appreciate. This amazing massager will put them well on their way to a more relaxed, stress- and pain-free lifestyle.

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